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Water shortage in I b i z a

With little rain and high demand for water, I b i z a  and For mentera suffer from frequent droughts and underground aquifers are being depleted. When aquifers are overused and groundwater levels drop, salt water intrudes and contaminates the water. Desalination plants, although they ease pressure on aquifers, use large amounts of energy and create salt-water by-products that can pollute coastal waters.
By consciously thinking about your water consumption, and trying to be more water efficient, you can save up to 50 litres of water every day. By installing water-efficient appliances and water-saving systems, you can make your home more water-friendly.
The island is running out of drinkable water — a problem that has been compounded by a particularly busy summer season.
“We have a limited capacity being an island. “More people on the islands means more people consuming our resources (including water and environment).
“Nowadays we have nearly 100,000 legal touristic beds and a registered population of 13,000 inhabitants, approximately. The island is just 572 square kilometres.” Residents and tourists needed to be more mindful of preserving precious water.

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