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El Paisito is located in a beautiful valley through which a small river finds its way to lower fields. This is really rare in Ibiza, to find a running river. Because of this, there is a lot of vegetation and the possibility to grow vegetables with our own water. 

River or torrento

This is what the river looked like in December 2016, do not get your expectations to high: this much water is a rare occasion on the island

This Bali bed in right on the river, for a nice siësta or just a rest

Some sun beds next to the river. There is also a tube-shower with river water


Lots of orange trees, feel free to pick!


Valley at El Paisito

Three fig trees to pick from

Fire pit at Kitchen area

Our 3 apricots trees, harvest in June

Landscape at El Paisito

Vegetable Garden and Chicken Coop

For a donation you may take some veggies from the organic vegetable garden

For a donation you may take some eggs from the free range chickens

Plants on the property

Animals at El Paisito

Our cat Fos is quite wild and shy and hangs out at the Main House

Our cat Tiger loves company and hangs out mostly at Main House and where ever people want to cuttle him

Jut and Jul are brother and sister and hang out in the Guest Kitchen area

Pepe, the owner of the property almost comes daily with his sheep

Lizards are still around on Ibiza, although less than before because of (not dangerous) snakes

Bees, kept in beehives by Noah 

Chicks who came in 2020, now they are grown up

Our 6 ladies who are happy walking around in their space, they lay like 4-5 eggs per day

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