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Communal Bathrooms and Kitchen

Two houses have their own bathrooms and kitchen: the Main house and the Casita. 

Guests of the other houses may use the Guest Bathroom, the Eco Toilet and the Guest Kitchen. 

Dry toilets

We chose to make “dry toilets” also called “compost toilets”. Instead of flushing with water, you add sawdust in the toilet. That way you do not spill precious water, because there is a shortage of water in I b i z a. A composting toilet is a type of dry toilet that treats human waste by a biological process called composting. This process leads to the decomposition of organic matter and turns human waste into compost-like material. Composting is carried out by microorganisms under controlled aerobic conditions. This compost we use to fertilize the plants and trees on the property.

Water shortage in I b i z a

With little rain and high demand for water, I b i z a and For mentera suffer from frequent droughts and underground aquifers are being depleted. By consciously thinking about your water consumption, and trying to be more water efficient, you can save up to 50 liters of water every day. We ask our guests to consider this and take only short showers. Click on the link for more information on the separate page.

Eco toilet

 Eco Toilet made from adobe


Recyled windows

Guest Bathroom


Guest Bathroom made from chopped trees from our forest


Hot shower


Dry toilet and sink

Guest Kitchen

Fully equipped kitchen with stove, pans, plates, everybody has their own little fridge

Area to come together and hang out

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